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The Major Difference Between A Webinar And An Online Course Is The Customer Focus

Today marks the one year anniversary of the official launch of our 100% Online Unarmed Security Officer Guard Card License Training Course for the State of Tennessee. Six months prior to our launch, was a grueling time fraught with many long hours and sleepless nights. I dedicated countless hours and significant financial investment developing and perfecting course content, optimizing online course service delivery, and continual improvements based upon student feedback.
During this time (and to this day), I witnessed many security companies and training providers advertise “100% Online Unarmed Security License Training” when in fact what they are actually providing is a “Webinar.” This motivated me, the hard work would be worth it because Alliance Training & Testing would offer a superior service that put the customer first. The result was an overall improved student experience making the course available any time of day, on any mobile device, allowing students to progress through the course at their pace; all at an affordable price.
Our one year anniversary is the perfect time to review the key differences between our detailed, methodical response and approach to addressing in-person educational challenges presented during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic; and the rest of our competitors, who took the easy way out by offering a webinar.

What Is A Webinar?

A “webinar”, or “web-based seminar”, is a live meeting session utilizing video conferencing and / or live chat to allow communication between attendees and presenters. It is typically followed by a live Q&A session at the end. Webinars are usually FREE, because the goal is to promote a premium service, new product launch, or feature; not to BE or REPLACE the service.
The average webinar duration is 30–60 minutes, but experts agree it’s best to keep the duration at 30–45 minutes. It is RARE to gain certification from a webinar, usually Continuing Education Units are issued. The State of Tennessee mandates that the General Training (Unarmed) Curriculum is FOUR HOURS in length, so obviously a gap exists.

What Is An Online Course?

Online courses dive deep into a specific topic and deliver more in-depth knowledge, like you would experience in a higher level education institution. The structure of an online course is usually divided into modules, lessons, or units.
Online courses are intended for students learning about a specific subject. Participants receive a CERTIFICATION or credits upon course completion. Online courses are rapidly gaining popularity over classroom training in recent years. This is due to the student’s direct and in-direct cost savings, delivery convenience, and reducing barriers to access.

Benefits of Online Courses Over Webinars

Online courses are entirely self-paced and can be engaged anywhere, anytime there is an adequate internet connection.
Online courses are flexible in terms of delivery time and completion time, they can be completed in parts rather than all at once and are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Online courses ALLOW for disruptions and return back to training, compared to a webinar, where it is ALL OR NOTHING (or you will miss a lot of information).
Online courses provide interactivity so users aren’t BORED by less engaging presenters. Some trainers do not possess the necessary expertise, experience, communications skills, and customer service focus; or they are simply not passionate about the subject.
Online courses validate & verify learning through assessments, progress quizzes and/or evaluations; there is no embarrassment if you want to repeat a training module.

Conclusion - It's The Customer Focus

When purchasing “100% Online” unarmed security officer guard card license certification training, please consider:
If you want a professional online course experience that is delivered to you on demand 24 / 7 at the time and pace that YOU choose.
If you want to train with another provider that took the easy way out with a “webinar” at the time and pace THEY choose.
At Alliance Training and Testing we view this as a no-brainer and hope you will consider our training services.

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